Saturday, May 30, 2015

White Lies of Parenting

I’m sorry pal, Daddy’s the only one who can get you new batteries for that loud toy, so we’ll have to wait for him to come home and change them.
Oh this isn’t candy – it’s a special snack just for adults.
Oh no! The TV is broken today!
Caillou is sleeping, sweetie.  We can’t watch him today. .
So as a person, I really hate lying.  I feel like this terrible wave of karma will come back and awful things will happen, so as a general rule, I cannot tell a lie.  I just can’t. 

Except, well, I lie to my kids.  Tell me I’m not alone here.  Just little white lies here and there, to make the day a bit easier.  Because let’s be honest (about lies… some kind of strange irony there), life as a stay-at-home mom can be tough.  Being around your kids all day every day is wonderful but also hard.  And when your child wants to play with that OMGsoloud toy for the eleventy billionth time that day and the batteries die, well, let’s just say one of the best lies I ever told was the fact that batteries can only be changed by Daddy when he’s home. 

Ben is now getting to the age where we’re starting to teach him about telling the truth vs. telling lies.  So when he tells me that he looked for his toy that went missing, and I know he didn’t, we have a little chat about what telling the truth means and why we shouldn’t lie.

Of course, this is a hard concept for a 3-year-old to grasp, and I’m not always sure I’m explaining it in a way that he will understand.  God bless those dang vegetables from Veggie Tales, who have made my job just a little bit easier. The “Lie-monade” episode tackles the subject of truths and lies in a way that kids just get, and isn’t scary or foreboding. It’s the perfect, lighthearted way to learn about truths and lies, in an age-appropriate way.

And while I’ll probably continue my white lies of parenting for a few more years, I’m glad that I can start instilling important values in my littles now, in a way that they can understand.

What lies have you told your children?

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Things I’m Loving Lately

I’m such a sucker for finding new things to love, so I’m a total junkie when it comes to reading other blogger’s top 5/10/etc. lists and gift guides. I’ve been loving everything on this list hardcore lately, and they’ve been making this unending winter a bit more bearable.

1. Spring Manis

Okay, let’s be honest, I don’t have the funds to get an actual professional manicure, BUT, I’m obsessed with keeping my fingers adorned in spring colors.  I’ve banished all my dark colors, and I’m pulling out all of my favorite springtime colors.  Usually this means bright pinks and mint colors, but I’m trying something new this year – pale, opaque pinks – and I could not be more in love. As much as I’d love to tell you I’ve been using a glamorous Essie color, in reality, I’m a bitch on a budget, so I’ve been slumming it with the Spoiled polish above, in “My Button Fell Off.”

2.  Boys Clothes On Girls

Back before I had kids, I dreamed of having a daughter that I would only dress in pink and dresses.  I never understood why anyone would want to do differently.  Now that I actually have a boy and a girl, I’ve been loving dressing Julia in some of my old favorites from when Ben was a baby.  It’s not often that I find a piece that really works and doesn’t look uber masculine, but when I do find something, oh, hold me.  It’s magical. The shirt above was one of my all-time favorites for Ben, and he didn’t get to wear it nearly enough before outgrowing it.  Which is hilarious because he wore that shirt at around 5/6 months old, and it fits Julia now, at 14 months old. I’m oh-so-tired of all the sweaters and drab winter clothing we’ve been stuck wearing during this endless winter, so this outfit was the cheerful pop of color that I’ve been dying to see.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The intro theme song and credits to the new Netflix series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, sold it to me – you needn’t know anything more than that (hint: if you love Sweet Brown, you’ll die for this!).  The opening song is hilarious enough that you know the actual show will be funny – plus, it’s created by Tina Fey, so that’s essentially a guarantee of pure comedic gold right there. I sat down last week to watch just one episode of Kimmy, and ended up watching four in a row. Each episode gets funnier and funnier, and at less than a half hour a pop, they’re easy to fit in when you need a little uplifting on a bad day. The entire first season is on Netflix right now.

4. May Books

Back in college, I was obsessed with planners. I’d get a fresh one every year, and fill that bad boy up.  I took it everywhere.  Shortly after I graduated (totally dating myself here), electronic planners like Palm Pilots became popular, and then the iPhone.  I’m such a paper and pen girl – I could never get into keeping track of dates electronically, and I’ve muddled through scheduling via my iPhone for the past several years.  I got a boatload of May Books recently, including a 2015 planner, and holy shitballs, I’m in love.  There’s nothing like whipping out my planner and checking dates, penciling in obligations, and color coding. Every part of a May Book is personalizeable, from colors to patterns to shapes, and they’re made to last.  I tote these things around in my purse daily, and they stand up to the use. This is not even sponsored, I just love them!

5.  These Two Kids

Okay, this is kind of a copout, but really, I’m so excited springtime is almost here and I can finally take these two love bugs outside to play.  I can’t wait to see them playing together outside – we’ve had a few days in the 40s (it’s a motha freaking heat wave over here!) and went out in the driveway – it was glorious.  When Ben isn’t knocking Julia over, he’s really sweet – bringing her toys, sharing his food without me even asking him to, and giving her hugs when she is upset.  Watching them starting to play together is just adorable.

Also, side note, how is it possible that they are both as old as they look in those photos?!

What are YOU loving lately that I should try?

This post was sponsored by Netflix as part of their StreamTeam program. I received a membership to Netflix and an iPad Mini as compensation. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ben On: When I Grow Up

Ben has had a variety of interests in his three years of life – from airplanes to construction, and with a current intense fixation on Legos and firefighters – part of the fun of being a parent is finding things to encourage your child’s passions and watching them shine.  Never did I expect to be genuinely so mother freaking excited to see an excavator on the side of the road, but Ben loves them and loses his mind when we see one – so now, I do too.

I thought it would be fun to ask Ben what he wants to be when he grows up.  Three year olds are pretty funny with their perspective on the world (he recently told me I needed to get money at the money store, so I could buy him some Legos), and when it comes to thinking of the future, this is no exception.

Before I had kids, I swore up and down, that I’d never let my son wear clothing with trucks, tractors, or any kind of transportation on it – especially not construction equipment.  I also swore I’d never even entertain a conversation about a potential career that is laden with danger.  And yet here we are – my darling boy in a dump truck shirt, gleefully talking about becoming a firefighter.  Who am I?

Now, do I really think he’ll stick with the construction and firefighter obsessions?  Doubtful.  First it was airplanes, then playing “fix-it” with tools, then construction, now firefighting, with a side of Legos.  He’s quick to move on, but in the meantime, I’m happy to get into his latest passions and aspirations, and encourage him to explore his interests full throttle. 

We play lots of pretend, watch TV shows in whatever theme he’s into (seriously, ask me how many times we’ve watched Mighty Machines on Netflix – I could sing that oh-so-catchy theme song, with enthusiasm, in my sleep! [side note: if you have a kid who loves construction, vehicles, or anything of that nature, fire up Mighty Machines and watch his or her head explode with joy]), draw pictures together (I draw a mean excavator), and read books together on whatever topic he’s currently interested in.

I distinctly remember my childhood obsessions – horses, becoming an ER doctor (for someone who ended up hating all bodily fluids, that’s a hoot), figure skating, Beanie Babies, and Sailor Moon, to name a few.  It really is beyond imaginably exciting to have something else to get into again. Getting excited about your child’s passions is really one of the fun parts of being a parent – it absolutely makes you feel like a kid again.

Thank you to Netflix for sponsoring today’s post as part of their StreamTeam program. I received a membership to Netflix and an iPad mini as compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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