Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

I haven’t done a Five on Friday in ages (or blogged, for that matter), but there are a few things – five, exactly – that I’m currently obsessed with, and just have to share them.

Baby Smiles

Julia has really gotten smiley lately – basically all you need to do is smile at her, and she lights up. I cannot even resist.  She’s so interactive too – I don’t remember Benjamin being like this, so I’m over the moon when she does this:  she will coo, and then I imitate her sound, she coos back, and we can go on and have a whole “conversation.”  Maybe girls are just chattier like that, because I just don’t remember this kind of vocal interaction with Ben.


Instagram Baby Clothes Sales

I started following one or two Instagram used baby clothing shops shortly after Julia was born, and if you’ve ever followed an Instagram shop, you know that they are constantly promoting other shops.  So, you’re quickly sucked into this rabbit hole of hundreds of shops, each posting items cuter and less expensive than the next.  I’ve slowly been following more and more, and I’m not kidding when I say I spend a good portion of my days mindlessly scrolling through images of clothes, and wondering if I should pull the trigger. You know that meme that says you can only check Facebook so many times before you’ve seen it all, but there’s always new stuff on Pinterest?  It’s like that.

I made my first purchase this week (that cute little confetti top and leggings in the first photo above), and quickly made another and then another in near rapid succession. 

This is bad news bears. 

It’s addicting as all getout because there’s CONSTANTLY new items being posted, and new stores being promoted.  I’m now following so many shops that I rarely see photos of my actual friends in my feed.  I’m contemplating creating a new Instagram account just so I can separate my addiction from the other people I follow. 

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

But really – $8 for the confetti outfit, $10 for the sailor dress, and $5 for the, ahem, 2T sweater that Julia will wear ages from now, how could I resist?

I need an intervention. 


Okay, I am way late to the game on this one, but between scrolling through Instagram baby clothing sales and Revenge, it’s a damn full-time job.  We have a month’s free trial for Netflix, and I thought I’d give Revenge a whirl.

Holy freaking balls. 

All I want to do is watch Revenge.  I think about Revenge when I’m not watching it.  I dream about the characters.  When I’m out and about in real life, I legitimately expect to hear about the Graysons on the news or see them on a magazine cover.  Because I’m so engrossed in the dang show that I’m starting to believe it’s real. 

I’m almost halfway through the second season and have abandoned all my normal TV-show-watching so I can dedicate my time to cramming in as many episodes a day that I can. 


Our New Baby, by Rachel Fuller

I posted a photo of this book on Instagram this week – Our New Baby by Rachel Fuller – and we are loving it around here.  It’s the only “new baby” book that I’ve come across that actually shows breastfeeding (vs. a bottle).  Benjamin really has no frame of reference for bottles since he doesn’t remember having them, and hasn’t seen Julia have one either.  He doesn’t say much about the bottles in the other books, but when we get to the nursing images in this book, he always smiles and exclaims, “Baby’s having milk!” 

When we first brought Julia home, I was really nervous how he would react to seeing her breastfeeding, since he’d weaned not that many months before her arrival.  He seemed to forget about it entirely, but after awhile, he asked to jump on a few times.  I seriously admire anyone who has the patience to tandem breastfeed, but I am just not at that level of breastfeeding badass-ery.  So, I’ve been telling him that the milk is just for Julia, and it’s helpful to have the book to reinforce that in our family, this milk is just for babies. 

As a bonus, the book shows babywearing, and co-sleeping too.  It also shows the baby and toddler in their own beds as well, so it’s equal opportunity as far as sleeping goes. 

I snagged an adorable video of Benjamin when we were reading this book – I love how he calls himself, “Benmin” and Julia, “Bay Joo-luh.”



Julia’s middle name is Rose, and I’ve become mildly obsessed with finding rose-themed items for her.  We’re in BUY ALL THE ROSES mode.  Last week, I may or may not have started making a rose-themed first birthday party board on Pinterest.  Seriously, who begins planning a birthday party for a 6-week-old?  She had this sweet rose outfit when she was first born and I practically shed tears when she outgrew it.

I just found this cute Vitamins Baby 5-pack of rose-adorned onesies and they arrived yesterday (one in the photo below).  Sadly, they’re only available in size 6 months, and no joke, they fit her just perfectly now.  She’s following in her brother’s footsteps of rapid growth at almost a pound a week, and was 13 pounds when I weighed her last week (6 weeks old).  Oy.  Slow down, girlfriend!


Have a good weekend, loves!

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  1. I have that book in my amazon cart...for someday! :) Julia is simply the cutest, I love how much you are enjoying her and sharing her with us!

  2. Julia's smiles are too adorable! And yes, Revenge is addictive...that show is insane!

  3. Another great book that features breastfeeding is "What a baby needs" by Dr. Sears...our 3 year was obsessed with the book when I was pregnant and still has us read it a lot. :)


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